About Us

Our Story

Urq.io is a Digital Media Consultancy located in Southern New Hampshire.  Mark Urquhart is the Owner and started this little venture way back in undergrad at Syracuse University.  Now, the business has grown to a point where Mark, Ian, and Conor Urquhart (brothers) all play their own roles in managing client deliverables (see below).

Mark Urquhart

Owner + CTO

Ian Urquhart

Staff Photographer

Conor Urquhart

Junior Front-end Engineer

Why us? What’s our difference?

First: We are OCD over the small details and maintaining efficient processes so we never ship anything mediocre.  Second:  We are very selective about the folks we work with.  We only have a limited amount of hours in the day, and we don’t just take every bit of business that comes away.  Third: Segway from the previous point, we build partnerships – not just billable hours.  During our intro call (after you contact us) we are upfront and realistic with you on three things:

Your Goals

The most important reason you’re starting your project:  The results.  Are you trying to increase revenue, engagement, visits to your store?  We like to catalogue what, “success”, is defined as in your world.  We can then set expectations properly, and get on the same page.

Your Budget

Another fun topic, but an important one. We do our best to pair your budget with an appropriate path forward.  If there’s not a good fit for either our side or yours, we’re happy to consult with you on a few other resources or providers that could get the job done.

Your Readiness

It’s a harsh reality, but being direct can save everyone time.  Sometimes folks aren’t ready for their projects.  That’s OK, we don’t mind telling you that.  If there’s no content ready, no pre-determined goals, etc, …we won’t set you up to fail or push you into a contract.

We are the expert on this field, better building solustions since 1984

A full range of construction services for every phase and any project.